Fair Fee Real Estate

One Agency Whangarei – Home of The Fairer Fee

At One Agency Whangarei our mission is simple:
We want to
 make a difference in our community.

Not only do we offer a fair fee, meaning you keep more money in your pocket, we are also committed to supporting the community that we live in.  There is no doubt that real estate success is built on hard work but it also offers an opportunity to participate in making our community a better place.

How will we achieve this?  

On joining One Agency our staff commit to giving back, it’s part of their contract, although once you’ve met them you will see it’s just part of who they are. We have the ability to give to others and are committed to doing so.

Will anything be missing?

Short answer, No!  If anything you just might find there is actually more!

Our team of dedicated and experienced sales people are committed to providing the best real estate service in Whangarei, together.  I think you’ll find it hard to find a group more committed to each others success.  

We achieve this through proven marketing products and strategies, a transparent process and great communication along with a model that ensures agents are rewarded for performance.

Established 8 years in Australia, One Agency was created as a platform for high performing agents who recognised their success came from homeowners engaging their services because of their expertise, personality and ability to get the job done, regardless of which company they worked for.  Consequently One Agency has quickly become the fastest growing real estate group in Australia, and poised to continue that same trend here in New Zealand, with offices opening across New Zealand at a rapid rate.

We cover all of the Whangarei area and all price brackets and have the nous and marketing collateral to ensure our clients properties stand out above the competition.  We work tirelessly to engage with only the best service providers that add real and measurable value to the sales process and more importantly, that share our values of excellence, integrity, fairness and client loyalty.  If you are considering selling, book a no obligation appraisal with Whangarei’s freshest real estate agency, and discover why we are the ONE Wise Choice for the sale of your home. You will be glad you did.