Commission Comparison Calculator

This widget shows standard real estate fees payable. Set up or administrative costs are not included unless stated. Please note, these are standard real estate fees and do not take into account any local office variations, individually negotiated arrangements, or variance in service offerings. We recommend you consider these as generally indicative only and clarify the specific services offered with the individual agencies as different commissions are often negotiated or offered to different clients.

Disclaimer : The data is taken from information provided or sourced through various documents, research and channels and believed to be correct at the time of preparation. While we have endeavored to ensure accuracy, naturally we do not make any representations as to the completeness, correctness, currency or fitness for any purpose of the information supplied. The information supplied is made available on an 'as is' basis and that you use this information solely and entirely at your risk. We do at regular intervals recheck the data for validity. If you do have cause to think that the data is incorrect please contact us and we will rectify.